Food Policy

Food Policy

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Davidson Primary Academy is part of the Chancery Education Trust.

Davidson Primary Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

The Academy Food Policy promotes healthy eating which contributes to effective learning. It links to the Every Child Matters guidance entitled “Be Healthy”.

This policy applies to all who provide food in academy including Breakfast and After Academy Club.

1. This policy is intended to ensure that:
  • Children understand basic food hygiene and safety.
  • Children and staff are informed about what constitutes a healthy diet so that they can make healthy choices in their diet;
  • Children and staff with specific dietary requirements, eg food related allergies, religious needs and vegetarians, are included in provision;
  • Academy meals meet nationally agreed and locally accredited Healthy Academy Standard;
  • Children and staff understand that a healthy diet helps them to learn and stay healthy.
  • Children understand the consequences of not eating healthily.
2. The Academy Food Policy enhances teaching and learning by:
  • Promoting healthy eating in all areas of the curriculum;
  • Supporting children in being “ready to learn”;
  • Developing key life skills.
3. Agreed Procedures
  • Children all have access to water throughout the academy day including academy trips;
  • Healthy options are on offer at children’s events and parties etc;
  • Children learn appropriate manners and social skills associated with eating.
  • Healthy eating is built into curriculum planning.
  • Parents are informed about what constitutes a healthy lunchbox.
  • Breakfast and After Academy Club and the catering providers are responsible for meeting nutritional standards in their settings.
  • Sweets are not used as treats or rewards, eg for a child’s birthday.
4. Roles and Responsibilities
  • Year leaders and their teams are responsible for planning healthy eating within the curriculum.
  • Parents are expected to provide healthy packed lunches. See guidance on academy packed lunches appendix 1.
  • Leadership team and the Healthy Academy governor are responsible for monitoring the policy.
5. How is the Policy Monitored?

The policy will be monitored by the PSHE&C Leader. The policy will be reviewed every three years or sooner if there are new developments.

Issue date: October 2014
Review date: October 2017 Supporting children in being “ready to learn”;

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