Year 6 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 6 Weekly In Brief from Monday 5th March 2018 to Friday 9th March 2018

Year 6 SATs information and Booster Classes:

A Pre-SATs information meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th March at 8:30 am and 3:15 pm at the school in the KS1 hall. Pupils should return their tear off slips for us to know the numbers of parents who are attending.

Easter Booster Classes will be held for targeted groups. A letter will be sent to parents with the following timetable next week.

English: In English, teachers are ensuring that all writing pieces are of the highest quality. Pupils should correctly use punctuation marks such as colons, inverted commas, hyphens and semi-colons in their independent writing pieces. The vocabulary and structure of sentences should suit the level of formality required in their writing. They should continue using SATs books to learn spelling, punctuation and grammar rules. Please encourage your child to log on to the Educationcity website and complete activities in preparation for SATs.

Maths: The three maths groups are presently learning different topics based on the needs of the pupil. A range of past SATs papers are being used daily to further assist pupils.

Science: In Science, pupils will look at the evolution of the Galapagos tortoise and the extinction of the Dodo birds.

SATs Book 2: These books have been ordered for the pupils and will be given to them to take home over the Easter holiday, for them to do independent Maths, GPS and Reading.

Pupil Parliament Leaders and Classroom Managers in year 6 will be organising an International Day with Ms Rosewell. The date set aside is 28th March, 2018. Further information will follow soon. Year 6 PARENTS EVENING WILL BE ON THE 14TH AND 15TH MARCH 2018.

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