Year 6 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 6 Weekly In Brief from Monday 18th June to 22nd June 2018

This half term is one that we all very much look forward to as it will be full of performances and celebrations. It can also be a very emotional time for Year 6 as they look back at the journey they have made through Davidson Primary and the many achievements they have had in their time here.

On Monday 2nd July a Junior Citizenship Scheme (JCS) Trip will take place at Gold crest youth community centre Gold Crest Way, New Addington. This is organised by the Metropolitan Police Force. Thirty pupils from Year 6 will be selected to attend this JCS trip. The selected pupils will receive letters on Monday 25th June with consent forms, which must be signed and returned by Wednesday 27th June. Pupils will not be able to attend without the consent of parents. This is an off-site trip with outdoor activities.

Year 6 Summer Curriculum 

Year 6 had their first SRE (Sex, Relationship Education) lesson during PSHE time. Many questions were asked as topics about puberty were discussed under the topic ‘My Body and Me’

Mobile Phones

Please advise pupils not to switch their phones on after they arrive on the premises. Their phones are collected daily and are placed safely in the office to deter them from using their phones in school.

End of Year 6 Play- Oliver (July 11th, AM and PM performance)

The rehearsals are improving but there are still some pupils who do not know their lines. If pupils learn their lines, we would have more time to focus on their acting and stage presence.

Pupils are advised to dress in old, tattered looking clothing, like the orphans at the ‘workhouse’ in the play. Please assist by getting them any old clothing, as there is no budget for costumes for the play. We will appreciate your kind support.

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