Where every child counts
Davidson Academy is a thriving, learning rich community offering truly inspirational activities. Our curriculum has been designed to ignite a passion for active exploration. We seek to enhance learning far beyond the walls of a classroom simply because we know that’s when children learn best.
Creating a purpose driven curriculum, we aim to nurture pupils as individuals and maximise every opportunity to provide the right conditions for their growth.

We don’t teach to get children to where we predict…we teach to get them to places we couldn’t even imagine.

The Curriculum

Every child deserves outstanding quality learning. Our curriculum enriches children’s lives and develops their self-esteem through:

• Excellent teaching and learning
• A clear sense of purpose and direction
• Strong and effective leadership, high expectations and relentless pursuit for excellence where only the best will do
• Valuing and developing the skills of all our staff

The ethos behind our curriculum

What we teach our pupils must make them fit for the future: they must be literate and numerate. To do this we offer a broad and stimulating curriculum, mixing what they need to know with the chance to find things they can excel at and enjoy.

We will help pupils understand their rights and responsibilities within the community, how to share their views and how to express disagreement, equipping them with the emotional intelligence and self knowledge needed to operate effectively.


We want our pupils to develop:

• Resilience
• Resourcefulness
• Reflection
• Recollection
• Responsiveness
• Responsibility

Our creative curriculum offers deeper learning, stimulate curiosity and establish the skills needed for lifelong learning.


All of our pupils are supported, whatever their needs, to reach their full potential. All pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum and are included in every aspect of school life, so that they develop a sense of belonging. No pupil is excluded from any activity just because of their special need and the needs of most pupils are met within the classroom.

Children learn best when they feel that they belong and are valued. We recognise the abilities and personal strengths of pupils, as well as their barriers to learning. As it grows the school will have a large number of specially trained staff to make sure it meets the needs of all pupils with learning needs right across the spectrum. The school is fully accessible and staff are trained to manage pupils with complex needs.

If pupils are not making progress, the school intervenes quickly, identify any special educational needs, draw up an individual educational plan and ensure they get the right level of support. Teaching assistants also support individual pupils either with one-to-one help or in small groups.

To view the Policy for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities click here.

More Able pupils

Our definition of a more able pupil is that of motivated achiever, a pupil who has strengths in one or more areas. We believe that all children have the potential to be motivated achievers. To help achieve this we provide a sufficiently challenging curriculum for all our pupils and we identify and nurture those more able ones.


All pupils are entitled to:

• Staff commitment and training to develop pupils’ full potential
• Lessons that stimulate, engage, challenge, inform, excite and encourage
• Skilled, well prepared and informed teachers
• Extra-curricular activities, such as visits to local businesses

To coordinate our motivated achiever provision we include:

• Specific enrichment material and ideas in all our work
• Ensure our staff are aware of their role in identifying more able pupils and the need to make the curriculum sufficiently challenging
• Provide continuing professional development for staff helping them to develop teaching and learning styles that take into account and stretch more able pupils
• Effective assessment and regular monitoring along with a real emphasis on recognising, rewarding and celebrating the achievement of all pupils.


Pupil Voice

Pupils are encouraged to take an active part in their learning and to make decisions about their learning and their school.


Assemblies are broadly Christian, exploring themes such as friendship, perseverance and tolerance. We learn about famous people and traditions from around the world. In our assemblies we celebrate the achievements of those within our own and our wider community.

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