Food Policy

Food Policy


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Next Review Date: November 2020





Why do we have a Food Policy?

To ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition within our academies promote the health and wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors.

To make it clear that the academies within Chancery Education Trust actively support healthy eating throughout the school day because there is an important connection between a balanced diet and a student’s ability to learn effectively.

This policy applies to all who provide food in our academies; including Breakfast and after academy clubs.

This policy is intended to ensure that:

Children understand basic food hygiene and safety

Children and staff are informed about what constitutes a healthy diet so that they can make healthy choices in their diet

Children and staff with specific dietary requirements, e.g. food related allergies, religious needs and vegetarians are included

Academy meals meet nationally agreed Healthy Eating Standards as set out by the Government – School Meals – Healthy Eating Standards

Children and staff understand that a healthy diet helps them to learn and stay healthy

Children understand the consequences of not eating healthily

The Academy Food Policy enhances teaching and learning by:

Promoting healthy eating in all areas of the curriculum

Supporting children in being “ready to learn”

Developing key life skills

Agreed Procedures

Children all have access to water throughout the academy day including academy trips

Healthy options are on offer at children’s events and parties etc.

Children learn appropriate manners and social skills associated with eating

Healthy eating is built into curriculum planning

Parents are informed about what constitutes a healthy lunchbox

Breakfast and after school clubs and the catering providers are responsible for meeting nutritional standards in their settings

Sweets are not used as treats or rewards by members of staff  e.g. for a child’s birthday

Nut Free Zone

All academies within the Trust are Nut Free. We have quite a few children who have severe nut allergies and can be seriously affected by someone else eating, or who may have recently eaten nuts. Even if a child has eaten a product containing nuts, it can have a serious effect on a child or member of staff who has a nut allergy later on in the classroom.

Signage will be placed around the academies highlighting allergenic foods that children and members of staff must be refrained from bringing in. 

Whilst our academies endeavour as far as possible to be nut free, we cannot fully guarantee this.

Most members of staff in our academies have received training for Adrenaline Auto-injectors.

School Ethos

Birthday/Holiday Gift Food

Parents sometimes wish to give out birthday sweets, food or food brought back from a holiday. This must be agreed prior with the class teacher and are to be handed out by the child at the end of the school day, on the playground, as children are handed over by their class teacher to their parent/carer. Under NO circumstances should these food items contain nuts or traces of nuts.


All pupils and staff have water freely available at all times and are able to refill bottles easily. Certain classrooms/subjects may wish to manage the intake of water for safety or behaviour management issues. This is acceptable as long as the fundamental principle above is upheld.

Break time

At break times our pupils are only allowed to consume dried or fresh fruit and vegetables. Under NO circumstances should children bring in nuts. Water is encouraged at breaks as well as in the classroom. This is to ensure that pupils return to the classroom prepared and refreshed for learning.


Lunches meet or exceed the School Food Trust’s national standards. All pupils have a choice enabling them to eat healthily.

Our caterers provide excellent nutritionally balanced meals for those children who have a school dinner. They provide a hot meal with a vegetarian option. In addition, there is salad, bread and fresh fruit available every day.

A termly menu for school dinners is available so that parents can prepare their children in advance for the lunchtime choices.

Packed lunches are monitored. We encourage healthy lunches and request that packed lunches do not contain unhealthy options such as chocolate, sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks.

Under NO circumstances should children bring in nuts or food items that contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Parents will also be advised of any other allergenic foods that children must be refrained from bringing in. 

Appropriate storage arrangements are made for packed lunches. If there is no fridge space, pupils are encouraged to bring insulated bags with freezer blocks.


As soon as it is brought to the attention of the academy that a pupil has a severe allergy to a certain type of food, the academy will take immediate action. Staff, parents and head of catering will be made aware.

Any pupil found to have an allergenic food in their packed lunch will have the item taken away. The parent/carer will be called and asked to bring in an alternative.

Whilst our academies endeavour as far as possible to be free of allergenic foods, we cannot fully guarantee this.

Monitoring and review

The Principal will monitor the effectiveness of this policy ensuring that training and resources are appropriate and up to date. The policy will be reviewed every three years.




Policy written by

Barbara Rutherford/ Lynne Dando Principal


Agreed by Committee

Local Governing Board


Adopted by Governing Board

Local Governing Board


To be reviewed every three years

Review by


Review by Committee


Adopted by Governing Board

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