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9 Dec 2019

Newsletter w/c 2nd December 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,

This week Ash Class (Year 5) had the opportunity to visit Whitgift School for the week. The children had the opportunity to explore the large grounds and view the amazing facilities which included the lovely garden and animal sanctuary, they saw some Peacocks and Pink Flamingos The children have taken part in some amazing lessons such as Japanese, Art and Design, Computer Coding, Italian and African Drums.  This trip has allowed the children to broaden their experiences and to extend their knowledge and skills. I would like to thank Miss Aidoo and all the adults who accompanied the children to the school.

Year 4 and 6 went to view The Lion King theatre show in central London.  The children loved the production and had a fantastic time. The children could not have gone without the support of The Lion King Education Programme which granted the discounted tickets.  Thank you to all the staff and parents who accompanied the children on the trip.

Year 2 went to St Mary Magdalene with St Martins Church to view a Nativity.  The children learnt lots of new and interesting facts and they were able to smell real Myrrh  and Frankincense.  Thank you to Mrs Siggs for arranging the visit and the adults for accompanying the children.

Key Dates for Performances:

Years 3-6 Christmas Concert – Friday 13th December, 9:15am – (KS2 hall via Junior Entrance)

Years 1 and 2 Nativity Play – Tuesday 17th December, 9:15am – (KS1 hall via main school entrance)

Reception Nativity Play –  Wednesday 18th December, 9:30am – (KS1 hall via main school entrance)

Class Breakfast Parties – Thursday 19th December, 9:00 am

Yours faithfully

Miss Begum



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