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17 Jan 2020

Newsletter w/c 13th January 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

The after school sports clubs began this week and I have heard a lot of positive feed back from the children.  They had lots of fun learning new sports , new games, improving their team work skills and forming friendships with other children. There are still some spaces available, please contact the office for more information. Thank you to Miss Deronjic who spends a lot of time each term organising the clubs and sending out communications.

This week the children have been learning about responsibility. Each term we discuss what the children need to focus on as a member of  Davidson Primary Academy.  The children have been informed  and asked to focus on the 3 aspects below:

  1. Always wear full school uniform – there is a school uniform policy (rules) which need to be followed. It is the children’s responsibility to make sure they check their uniform before they leave home everyday.
  2. Always have your PE Kit – there is a PE uniform policy (rules) which to be followed. It is the children’s responsibility to bring in PE kits in on Monday and take them home for a wash on Friday.
  3. Improving presentation of work -there is a work presentation policy (rules) which need to be followed.  Children will be working on improving their writing and working towards gaining a handwriting pen or special Head teacher Award pencil.

I would really appreciate it if parents and carers could support their child(ren) with the focus points above.  Some easy ways would be to prepare school uniform the night before, prepare PE kits over the weekend and practice handwriting.

If you have any old uniform/PE kit items you no longer require, please could you donate them to the school.  Additionally if you have any board games, family games and complete jig saws you no longer want, please could you donate them to our after school S.M.I.L.E provision.

Have a lovely weekend!

Yours sincerely,

Miss Begum



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