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4 Oct 2019

Newsletter w/c 30th September 2019



Dear Parent/Carers,

This week I dedicated my time to visiting the children in their classes and take part in their learning.  It was great to see children across the school so engaged and enjoying every bit of being in school .

In Beech class the children were learning to count, they used leaves and conkers to help them.  They also went on a conker hunt around the class and managed to find 20 special conkers! Great team work Beech class.

In Willow class the children have been reading the text, ‘Gingerbread Man.’  They  read the story as a whole class, they acted out the scenes and they attempted to write a description of the Gingerbread Man. Great use of adventurous adjectives Willow Class.

Palm class have been learning to count forwards and backwards from any given number.  They used 100 squares, bead strings and a number line to develop the skill. Nearly all the children moved onto solving some tricky problems! Well done Palm class, you are great mathematicians.!

Maple and Holly class have done some great work on learning about digital devices. The children brain stormed all the devices they could think of that they see in everyday life, they then thought about the benefits of each device. And how they can also have a negative impact.

Cherry Class conducted a very loud investigation on ‘sound and vibrations’!  They used different instruments to explore how sound travels.  The children also recorded their investigation as part of gathering evidence.  Looking forward to hearing about their findings!

Ash class enjoyed a very loud and dramatic reading lesson with me. The children focused on developing their reading voice, reading to the whole class with confidence and using expression effectively. Well done Ash class for your excellent reading.

Silver Birch and Sycamore have been writing a news report based on an extract Anna at War.  The children have been learning about war and the the effects it had in the past. They watched a video and have produced a fantastic newspaper report.  Great work Year 6.

The children cannot have all this great learning without the dedication of the teaching staff, great work everyone.  I really enjoyed every second of it.

Have a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Begum


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