Year 3 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 3 Weekly In Brief from Monday 21st May to Friday 25th May 2018


Children are still discovering the world of Charlotte and Wilbur in the text “Charlotte’s Web”. They will be researching and writing a fact file on spiders (arachnids) and what group of animals they belong to.


Children will be making 3D models, using paper straws and other resources.

They will be counting the faces, vertices and edges of 3D shapes to help them build their models


Children have been investigating different rocks to observe which rocks are permeable and impermeable. They will continue investigating by digging on the grounds of the school to find different types of rocks and grouping them into the three types.

Curriculum Updates:

Our focus next week will be completing informal mini assessments to inform teacher assessment judgements.


Please keep practising the 4,6,7,8,9,12 times tables, for times tables challenges in class.

In children’s homework books there are the year 3 and 4 new curriculum spellings.

It would be good practise to learn these spellings as well as the weekly spellings.

Click here to download PDF Y3 In Brief and Homework 18.05.18

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