Year 2 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 2 Weekly In Brief from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July 2018


  • We will be learning about haiku poems. The children will learn the main features and write their own poem. After our school trip we will be writing a recount as a newspaper report.


  • In maths we will be working on division using the bar method and later moving onto solving word problems involving multiplication and division.

Curriculum Updates:

In Science we will continue learning about plants.

What are the parts of a plant?

What are the main parts of a tree?


Please remember to bring hats, water bottles and put on sun-screen before school, it’s getting very hot and playtimes and lunchtimes!

Can children make sure they have all clothing, shoes and PE items labelled as lots of things have been getting lost!

Also, please ensure that children have their PE kit for PE on Tuesdays, if children do not have their kit they may be unable to participate in the lesson.

We will have our open classroom day on 10th July where parents are invited to come into the classroom anytime between 9 – 11:30am.

The children will visit their new class and meet their Year 3 teacher on 12th July.

9th July – Both year 2 teachers will be on a course on this day. The classes will be put together and taught by a supply teacher.

Click here for PDF Y2 In Brief and Homework 06.07.18

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