Year 4 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 4 Weekly In Brief from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July 2018


We will be learning about Cinquain poems. Did you know Cinquain poems have 5 lines?

  • 1st word introduces the subject: Snowfall
  • 2/3 adjectives: white and freezing
  • 2/3 actions: softly, gently falling
  • A phrase or short sentence: drifting, piling up on the fence
  • ½ words to sum up: Blizzard!

We will be writing our own Cinquain poems.


We will be looking at all aspects of fractions and review our previous learning. Children will complete a series of activities based on this unit.


We will be learning about food chains and food webs. A food chain starts from a producer, has a primary and secondary consumer and a decomposer. We will be creating food chains and food webs.

Curriculum Updates:

For our IPC topic this term, we are covering:

Paintings, Pictures and Photographs

A Visual Representation Unit



  • PE is on Tuesday, children must bring their kit. Please check that the PE kit has your child’s name in it.
  • Read for 20 minutes daily. Don’t forget to fill in your reading record. These will be checked daily.
  • Spelling and Mental Arithmetic test on Friday.
  • We will have our open classroom day on 10th July where parents are invited to come into the classroom anytime between 9 – 11:30am.
  • The children will visit their new class and meet their Year 3 teacher on 12th

Click here for PDF Y4 In Brief and Homework 06.07.18

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