Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 is an exciting year which looks to develop the children’s independence and challenge the children to reach their full potential. The children are now role models for younger children in the school and are therefore expected to demonstrate the correct attitude, work ethic and behaviour in everything that they do. The development of independence is supported with the lower school prefect roles and the thought-provoking activities that are set throughout each subject area.

The children’s knowledge and skills are developed through our fascinating and inspiring IPC topics. ‘Do you live around here?’ & ‘Saving the World’ opens the children’s eyes to how people live in both Britain and around the world and about the Rainforest. 

Our ‘Tudors’ topic gives them an insight into British history in a hugely fun and active way. Finally our ‘Visual Representations’ topic in the summer term taps into the children’s creative minds and encourages the children to use their imagination and artistic talents. 

We believe that the knowledge, skills and experiences that the children gain throughout Year 4 provide them with the perfect foundations for life in the upper school and a great opportunity for children to go on to fulfil their full potential.

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