Year 5 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 5 Weekly In Brief from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July 2018


Students will learn how to write various forms of poetry including Haiku, Limerick and Narratives. They will focus on using description, counting syllables and rhyming words.


Students will be converting units of measure. They will convert from the metric system to the imperial system. Example: converting from pounds to grams.


Students will learn how simple machines such as pulleys, gears and levers help us in our everyday life. They will categorise and sort items into the type of machine they are.


Students will review all French concepts covered this year, including holidays, school, food and more.


  • A reminder that students should not be bringing toys or play things to school.
  • Spelling and times table practice should be completed on separate paper at home.
  • Please remind your child to read for at least 20 minutes each evening.
  • Children are not allowed sweets or fizzy drinks for a snack at play time or before clubs.
  • PE is on a Monday. Please ensure your child has their PE kits with them.
  • Please ensure you check your children for head lice before sending them to school.
  • Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform and is presented properly.
  • The Classical Roadshow school trip to Trinity School is on Tuesday, 10th of July. Students are encouraged to dress in period clothing from World War 2. They may wear their clothing to school in the morning.
  • The children will visit their new class and meet their Year 6 teacher on 12th

Click here for PDF Y5 In Brief and Homework 06.07.18

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