Year 6 Weekly Curriculum Information

Year 6 Weekly In Brief from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July 2018

Business Enterprise

The Year 6 Business Fair was a success. The pupils came together on the day and did their best with great team spirit. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as they tried to compete for sales on their stalls. Their creativity and wittiness was evident as they all made a profit on their start up fund of £10. They made over £200 profit in total. We will use the money to assist in purchasing rewards for the graduation and awards ceremony.

A big thank you to the parents who supported the children with this venture with either buying, making goods or assisting with cleaning up after the event.

Junior Citizenship Scheme

A number of year 6 pupils attended Gold Crest Youth Community Centre on Monday 2nd July. They participated in fun and educational activities throughout the day. Pupils were introduced to safety measures for their homes (in case of a fire), travelling on the tram/bus/train and on the streets. They were given talks about ‘stranger danger’, which they enjoyed.

End of School Play-Oliver Twist: On Monday, pupils in Year 6 should bring suitable clothing for a dress rehearsal for their school play. We do not have costumes to give to pupils, but as the play was set in old Victorian times, we would expect the children to dress up as poor boys or girls from busy, old, London streets. We are kindly asking that you provide your child old, tattered clothing, (clothes they will no longer use) You are not being asked to purchase new clothing as the characters are mostly ‘street children/orphans’. They could improvise with shorts/trousers that they have outgrown and long flowing dresses, aprons, hats, vests or any type of clothes or props that you might see useful for the play.

We will have a 9:30am and 5pm show on the 11th July 2018. Tickets are on sale for £2 for adults and £1 for children at the office during office opening hours and flyers have been given to all the children. All the proceeds will go towards their Graduation and Awards ceremony. Thanks for your kind support on this matter.

Year 6 Graduation and Awards Ceremony: 18th July at 5:30pm

We are looking forward to celebrate the achievements and hard work of the year 6 pupils at their Graduation and Awards Ceremony. We would like the pupils to dress in smart clothing for this occasion. (No Jeans or Trainers) We will send you a formal invitation for this event.

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